Take Back Our Nation From The Democrats

I wish to preface this post by saying I did not intend for this blog to become political. I wanted it to be about me and my introvert nature, hence the name. But I am disgusted that this country has turned into the Dystopian States of America, thanks to the Democrats, and I choose not to remain silent. I am also disgusted with Facebook, and their censorship, their warped “community standards,” and their so called “fact checkers.”

I was put into “Facebook Jail” for the post that you see below for 24 hours. I am now free to post again. For those that don’t know, Facebook Jail means you cannot post or comment on anything on the social platform for a specific amount of time, although you can still read posts, get notifications, and play videos. I have had enough of this censorship by these wannabe communist bastards. It is time for WE, THE PEOPLE, to take our country, and our rights back from these communists.

There must be some truth to the statement below if WASTE-book immediately removed it. It is no secret that the big pharmaceuticals want to keep us sick so we will depend on their medications, their vaccines, their cures to help us feel well. They don’t care about the masses. It is all about profit. As long as they have our money, they don’t give a flying fat frog what happens to us. As an example, the price of insulin rose from $0.25 in 2015 to $0.34 in 2019, but has fallen back to $0.32 in 2020.

Allow me to share a tidbit with the class:

During my travels in Hauppauge, NY, I noticed that two pharmaceutical companies called Bactolac and Amneal were next to each other on the same side of the street. I always though that was strange. Years later, Amneal moved to a bigger building in Yaphank, NY that was made available by the departure of a giant electronics firm. I also thought that was strange until I did some checking. Bactolac manufactures vitamins and herbal supplements, among other things. So it makes sense. Amneal moved because they did not want to be next to a company that promotes natural supplements because that’s bad for business.


Ok, so we’re switching gears a bit. A friend sent the above article to me. I will say that this scenario is no different from the drug cartels smuggling migrants across the border in a tractor trailer. I agree that Egypt should be compensated for the loss of revenue created by the blockage of the canal. It should be known that less that one percent of all shipping containers are inspected due to sheer amount of containers at any given port, and the lack of inspectors. I hope justice for these children comes swiftly.

I found the above video in my feed, and I want to say that anything that comes out of Jen Psaki’s mouth is garbage. Even if she had a gun to her head, that red headed wench couldn’t tell the truth. She and the WH are telling us what they want us to know, and its not the truth. I agree that if Trump had ever called for a media blackout, he would have been crucified by the media with no mercy. All the media feeds us is garbage. The only one I listen to is Judge Jeanine Pirro. She calls it as she sees it, and she sugar coats nothing. Mom watches her show Justice with Judge Jeanine every Saturday at 9pm EST on Fox. Anyway, let me know what you think about Mark Kaye. I like his videos.

Here is an example of our dystopian world, as illustrated by Kim Klacik. This is the handiwork of the Democrats. You think black lives matter to them? Is this the world you want to live in? You want to raise your kids in a neighbourhood like this? Watch this video, then you tell me if this is the world you want to live in! This is the reality to the people of Baltimore every day. This is the reality of voting Democrat. This is not fantasy!

I LOVE this video so much!! We need more women like her! The Democrats want to take away our Second Amendment rights so they can take over without resistance. Don’t give in! Fight for your 2A rights!! Our country is at stake. WE, THE PEOPLE, are at stake. Everyone, not just the blacks, the whites, the Spanish, et al. We need to stop bickering at each other and come together to defeat the ones that threaten our freedom. Allow me to borrow a quote from the immortal Ralph Kramden:

Are you going to retreat into the darkness of slavery? Or are you going to advance, ADVANCE into the sunshine of freedom?

I had to post another Lauren Boebert video. The woman is on point! For those of you that don’t believe there is a wall around the WH, you can see it in the video as plain as day. Why is there a wall about the WH, but no wall protecting our border? Think about it.


Almost forgot about the above link. So you think BLM is helping the blacks? Then explain why this BLM co-founder bought a house in an mostly white section of LA. Now are you ready to take off the rose coloured glasses and see them for who they really are? They are in it for themselves and for the money!! BLM cares NOTHING about the blacks!! If BLM gave a damn about us, then Khlan-Cullors would have created a fund to help black couples become first time homeowners, help black couples with rent, utilities, or mortgage arrears, or offer low interest loans to help blacks become entrepreneurs. That’s not going to happen because she’s a Marxist.

Time for me to get off my soap box. It is buckling under my weight. I need to leave the chocolate doughnuts alone. I have given you lots of food for thought. I can’t change your mind. Only you can. Please think about what you have seen thus far and ask yourself the tough questions. Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome.

This nation shalst not kneel at the feet of Democrats. Not whilst I draw breath.

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