The Hurricane that Wasn’t

I’m happy to say that Soapbox HQ is still standing. Storm warnings blowing up my phone, and everyone went into panic mode. I didn’t go binge shopping, I just picked up a few things including new batteries for my LED lantern in case the power goes out. I had food, water, and internet. Or so I thought…

Sunday morning comes, and all is quiet until the rain starts. I go to check the weather on my phone and I had no service. I thought the storm was blocking the signal. It turns out that I neglected to refill my account before the service end date. If it were not for the last fourth season DVD of Caroline in The City, and a book about King Arthur, I would have been bored stiff. At least I was not in danger of a power outage.

My neighbours took precautions in case of high wind. One removed his barbeque grille, another took down the huge shade umbrella, and my way cool friend Maureen dismantled the wall that separates her side of the patio from the creeps I refer to as Sid and Nancy. My patio is the only one that doesn’t have a grille, or any sort of patio furniture. I should be jealous, but I laugh about it. There was no high wind to speak of. More like a gentle breeze. We were fortunate this time. I’m glad I didn’t go into a panic like everyone else. But without my phone, I felt so alone.

My lovely female partner has returned from her vacation, and once again, she made good time on the journey from Georgia to Wyoming. Our future plans are on hold for the moment, but it will get done. She took a different position within the company so she no longer has to work weekends. That makes me so happy! Already I’m thinking about another visit to Wyoming. I figure I would spend Yule with mom, but New Years, with the girlfriend. We’ll see if I can make it happen.

At the library yesterday, I happened to find the first season of Star Trek: Picard AND three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery. I was so shocked and blown away. I have only seen bits and pieces on Pluto TV. But in my hands I have the DVD’s. The librarian could have knocked me over with a pin cushion. So I’m watching Picard, and now I understand the plot. Not to ruin it for anyone, but I will say that it involves a huge conspiracy, and Star Fleet is involved. I want to hurry up and finish so I can get to Discovery. I love that show to pieces!! I may entertain the second season of Game of Thrones when I’m done.

Trouble awaits next month. I know of two drivers who will be going on vacation, so the game of musical buses will begin once again. I will be using plastic cement, rubber bands, duct tape and barb wire to hold my sanity together. I just got my bus back from having the A/C repaired and now it is as cold as a meat locker in Antarctica. Come next month, I will be driving the larger bus 230 first, then the smaller, but peppier 304, which bears the mark of the wayward SUV that side swiped me a few months ago. Isis, take me away from all this. I’ve had it.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a good day and a great week. Be Your Greatest Version.

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