This is Interesting…and Scary

I’ll give the credit to a friend who needs to remain nameless. I saw this on her Instagram, but I was unable to share it, so I looked it up. It is interesting to note that the FDA does not do the testing to get vaccines approved. That is the domain of the Bioethics department at the National Institute of Health. If you keep reading, you will see that she is married to a certain QUACK that we all know, and is well versed in Covid “vaccines.”

You may have seen this next video before. I am told it is at least three years old. It frightens me. I live near two farms. For the government to be doing this is plain evil. Now do you see why they wanted to take our guns? I don’t want to think about this happening, but I bet it has been going on whilst our attention was diverted elsewhere.

I also wanted to say that Kathy Hochul is our new governor. She was sworn in yesterday, and she is just as bad as Cuomo. She looks like something Satan dragged in… and hawked up. She appointed this Brian Benjamin as lieutenant governor. Don’t let the kind words fool you. He is just as evil as she is. He is anti-police, and pro bail reform.

That’s all for now. Have a great night.

2 thoughts on “This is Interesting…and Scary

  1. I would definitely not like living anywhere in New York at the mercy of your politicians there. Your lieutenant governor needs his head examined, if he is anti-police. Policemen help protect people and places, though a few of them do use too much force. I wish your family could move to another state, away from New York entirely.


  2. One more comment, the government has gotten worse and worse as it takes people’s property, and also allows tainted seeds to be planted on said properties that has no health benefits. The government does not allow land to rest so that vitamins and minerals can build back up for use again.


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