Biden Gets Roasted

Liberals and socialists, where’s the outcry for the 13 Marines killed in Afghanistan? Where are your calls for the impeachment of Biden? Where’s the outcry for the Afghan that was hanged from one of OUR Blackhawk helicopters whilst it was hovering in the air? Your silence says that you turn a blind eye a gibbering idiot in the White House who has the blood of 13 Marines on his hands, and has singlehandedly made the United States look like fools. All because you hate Trump, his “mean tweets,” and your egos are as fragile as eggshells. When your timeline on this earth ends, you will be judged by your peers and whatever deity, or deities that you follow. Or get a pat on the back from Satan.

Hello, Soapboxers. I am feeling a bit under the weather today, but I still bring you uncensored media for you to judge for yourself. I just happen to have an article of the British media letting it all hang out in regards to Biden to share with the class below:

I have another Instagram video that I can’t seem to unmute. I was able to listen to it on my phone and it was fine. You might be able to hear it on your phone. I had to log in to Instagram to hear it I have videos like this before, and I’m sure there are plenty more. All these Marxists and leftists are so proud that their pupils are embracing their wacky ideas and teaching them to take a knee when the national anthem is being played instead of teaching them whatever subject they have been hired to teach. They’re not ashamed of it either! That really disgusts me.

If you have Instagram, you may need to log in to hear the audio in this post. I can’t hear it until I go into my account. Behold:

So as I mentioned above, I am not feeling well, and no, it is not COVID. I had my A/C on yesterday because it was hot and humid, and the fruit punch I was drinking was WAY too cold. Dry throat, headache, plus the sniffles, and PRESTO, I have a head cold. My nose was a faucet all morning, and my throat was as dry as a desert. The mantra this week will be “Earl Grey tea, hot.” The Mister Softee truck came into the yard this afternoon and I wanted a cart wheel so bad. But not with this throat. I can’t drink anything cold at the moment. I have been taking Vitamin C and zinc every morning. This too shall pass.

I almost forgot about this post. More CDC garbage. The bottom line is: If you want to have children, DON’T get the jab! That’s it, period, end of story.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a good night.

Be Your Greatest Version.

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