Mucho Trabajo, No Tiempo

The situation at work has gotten worse. Thanks to a driver being on sick leave, I had to take over his route, and it is the absolute worst. I spend more time at work than at home. Sometimes I wonder why should I come home because the minute I do, its time to go back.

I can’t even get a day off to see my PCP or the cardiologist. I had to arrange for her to call me to talk about the results of my blood work so I can get a Losartan refill. Everything else I need to do on the weekend. So even though unemployment has been cut off since last month, nobody is beating down our doors to apply. And my place does not seem to be enforcing the vaccine mandate because they haven’t forced me to take it, and I already refused the option of taking it in the past. At much as I hate wearing the face diaper, it is a better alternative than getting an untested vaccine.

I have not been posting because I either have no time, or I have been too tired. I didn’t sleep, and just when I was falling asleep, it is time to get up. I have been so angry and frustrated all week. I want to say “take this job and shove it,” but friends remind me not to do that. I thought I found a good job, but when I read the job details, I had to turn it down. The position was for a lawn applicator. Even though mom says “any port in a storm,” I don’t think I would be happy with that job.

Until this driver returns, if he ever does, all I do is work, work, work. My mental health is failing. I don’t know how long can I keep this up until I start screaming at the bosses to either get me off this damn route, or I quit.

Usually at this time, I’m doing yoga before I go to work, but I’m too tired for that, and since I have not posted in over a week, I thought I would let my followers know what’s going on. I feel trapped like a rat in a maze, but what can I do? Hope for relief is beginning to slip away.

Whatever was ailing the old lappy seems to have corrected itself. I wasted all that gas taking it to computer repair for nothing. But I have been wanting to get a new one since I no longer trust it. I’m typing on the new one, and while I didn’t like it right away, it seems to be better than the old one, but I have one less USB port and no optical drive. No problem. I ordered a new one and a 1 TB external drive, along with a USB extender.

That’s all the news I have for now. This is the most miserable I have ever been. I suppose there are others who have it worse. Oh well. Have a good day and a good week.

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