More Dribs and Drabs

Hello everyone. I’m still not feeling like myself since yesterday, but here I am. At least I’m not feeling as tired since I went to bed early yesterday. I’m still annoyed about the Bitcoin experience yesterday. I’m holding myself back from doing anything that I’ll regret later, like starting a flame war on WhatsApp. I’m just playing it cool for the time being.

I’m starting to wonder if the Amazon and UPS drivers can read or write because I have been getting packages meant for my neighbors. The first one was a large shed for Brad, who lives in the adjacent building, but has the same apartment number as me. I left it in front of his door. The next one was for Melissa, one half of my HATED next door neighbours, who loves to play a few frames of bowling every night with her male partner in all things evil. Yesterday, it was a battery from Amazon for Alyssa, who lives three doors down in my building, so I walked it down there and set it on the table. Amazon and UPS are in here all the time. One would think the drivers would know how to interpret the addresses by now, but I guess not. I wonder if my packages get lost like that. Currently, I’m waiting for a delivery from Office Depot. Let’s see if that package shows up on time.

Over the years, I lost respect for many celebrities based on their political affirmations. Jeri Ryan is a notable cast off. I saw a pic of this gay guy trying to channel Seven of Nine, right down to the outfit and heels, and that was a huge fail. At least put on a blonde wig and use makeup, you idiot! Anyway, The latest cast off is Fran Drescher. I loved her in The Nanny, and her short lived vehicle called Happily Divorced. I saw two pictures of her posing with that communist sell out Nancy Pelosi. That did it for me. Who in their right mind would side with that wench? And I’m not calling for a boycott against her, and I’m not creating a petition for everyone to sign. If you follow her, continue to do so. I chose not to.

Here is an example of Biden’s America.

That’s all I have for now. I hope everyone has a good week.

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