Bits and Pieces

Wow. What am I doing here? Three posts in a row? That’s rare for me. Hello everyone, and I hope you’re having a good day. Yesterday I was talking about package deliveries, and if my order from Office Depot would arrive. This morning I had a delivery from them outside my door. It was a bit damp from the rain overnight, but it is in good condition.

After work yesterday, I saw my WAY cool friend Maureen and her partner Erica. I could easily stand there and talk to them all night, but they have lives to live, coffee to drink, and online classes to attend. And I had my arms full of stuff and I wanted to drop them so bad. It is always a joy to talk to them. I want to give them a Keurig for Christmas since they love their coffee. My conundrum is should I order it from the web site and have it delivered, OR, should I buy it, wrap it, and leave it in front of their door? I’m not a good present wrapper. But what if they already have a Keurig? In that event, I would send it to my daughter, who is another coffee addict.

I was coming home this afternoon, and the cops were swarming the restaurant that is in my complex, which I believe was closed at the time. I get to my parking lot and I can see a helicopter circling the school on the other side of the parking lot. They must have been looking for someone. Then the helicopter was circling over my complex and rattling my closet doors until it moved off. Makes me feel like I’m back in the hood again. But during my days in Brooklyn, I never saw a police helicopter circling the neighbourhood.

I really miss my girlfriend tonight. I wish she was here. I was talking to a friend about how she has husband with her, and so do most of my female friends. I have to go without her by my side, and it drives me crazy. I remember when I would watch Jerry Springer, I would be screaming at the TV about how could the rat bastard cheat on such a lovely young woman, get caught, then tells her I love you, like that will solve the problem. For years, I didn’t understand why men cheat. Now I do. We get lonely, and we have needs, and my needs are making me climb the walls. But I will not cheat. I have too much history with this woman to throw it all way on a one night stand with some girl from around the way.

I am not happy with my credit union at the moment. I’m thinking of closing the account and going to the one this is closest to me, and I was angry with them earlier in the week. I have a problem getting into my online banking account, and they are as helpful as a pissed off IRS agent. Believe it or not, I’m still sore about what happened between me and the Bitcoin broker earlier this week, but I’m still talking to her for now. Someone in my complex bought a new Toyota Venza. All I have to say is yuck and triple yuck! It looks like a aerodynamic brick with wheels. If that’s what floats their boat, because it sends mine to the bottom of the sea.

That’s all the bits and pieces for now. Now I feel hungry for Reese’s Pieces. Oh well. Have a great night.

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