Low Finance

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I am very tired after washing my bus tonight. I got sick of looking at the dirt from the rain this week and front wheels covered in brake dust. I remember when the bosses handed down a command that we wash our equipment because the big boss was getting complaints that the buses are dirty. Any driver with a dirty bus would be written up. I can guarantee you won’t see my name in the disciplinary file for operating a dirty bus.

I was talking with the Bitcoin “broker” this morning and she wanted me to wire my deposit according to the information she was sending. She sent the account number, routing number, bank name, and the name of the account holder, which is a name I don’t recognise. I asked her on WhatsApp why am I sending money to a “Frances Black?” So the “broker” says that I am funding the account through company cash management. When the payment is confirmed, my trading account will be funded. The whole thing makes me uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel right. I remember the sign in Wal-Mart at the customer service desk: Don’t send money to someone you don’t know. To offer a comparison, I trade stock on another account, and funding it is as easy as either linking my bank account to it, or sending a check with the required around. I have been with them for years. Anyway, I took a trip to the local credit union to get answers.

The customer service representative at the credit union just happens to trade cryptocurrency on Coinbase, so he was familiar with it. I told him the story and could he check out the account information that I was sent. The rep told me that he could not do that, but once I wire money, I’ll never see it again. Even the bank cannot get it back. I did not know that. As I explained my story to him, it seemed suspicious to him, and another customer service rep, who noted that it sounded like a scam. So I figured perhaps I should pull all of my money out of the credit union I use, and open a new account at this totally different branch; which is closer to my complex. I’m not happy with mine anyway. Their systems are still down, so the CSR could not transfer the money out of my checking and savings and put into the new accounts. I asked them to try the transfer again on Monday.

As I was walking into the branch, I was thinking why don’t I do the trading myself and eliminate the proposed 20% fee from a broker? I already trade stock, and my Coinbase account was approved. But cryptocurrency is new to me, so it will be an opportunity to learn. So I will tell this so called broker that I’m going in a different direction, and her services will not be needed.

I actually had a good work week. My main sore points has been the omnipresent cheese buses that always show up to ruin my schedule, and the vans that colt up the loading/unloading zones at program. Tomorrow I help mom bake a Christmas cake. My sister finished her Christmas tree, and I have no words for it; other than it tops the tree in Rockefeller Centre. All the ornaments were hand made by her. The woman is a tireless worker. Unfortunately, some of the credit has to go to husband for putting it up. She did everything else.

That’s all for today. My Grub Hub order just came, and I’m so hungry. I should have ordered fries because I just realised that I have no more Cheez Doodles. Eh, I’ll live. Have a good weekend everyone.

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