A Lazy Sunday

I was feeling rather sad this morning when I learned of Anne Rice’s unfortunate passing at 80 due to complications from a stroke. I did not know that Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned were books before they were turned into movies. I already knew that True Blood was a series of books before it was developed for TV. At the library today, I was considering borrowing a Anne Rice book, but I wouldn’t have time to read it. But I haven’t entirely discarded the idea. I was writing a short short story for a friend who loved horror, but I never finished it. The plot is still in my head after all this time. The story seems to write itself. Who knows, maybe it will become a book in the future. Rest in peace, Anne You will be sorely missed.

We all know that “fearless leader” is as clueless as a cat in a room full of dogs. Well, let’s add his wife and former babysitter to his kids Jill to the clueless class. Check out this article I found whilst perusing Facebook:

I wonder if she’s really THAT clueless, or it is just a front to appease the demon rats, the elitists, Marxists, and communists. Or is someone in the CCP telling her to say this garbage, OR ELSE…

My sister had sent me a snap about praying for the tornado victims. I didn’t hear anything about that, so I did a search, and that’s when I saw that a tornado wiped out a town in Kentucky. Now this frightens me a bit because Kentucky could be the place that the girlfriend and I will be settling in next year. But what really concerns me is that this tornado of such size and destructive power could not have been created naturally. Now I know that the government has been messing with controlling the weather, as seen in the video below.

What if this tornado was some sort of side effect of controlling the weather? My theory is that the government are communists and elitists bent on world domination. We, the people, are just in the way, and they will get rid of us at all cost to achieve their goals, and they’re doing that by manipulating the weather to cause the most damage, and to inflate the body count. There are parts of NY that are still feeling the effects from Sandy; AND there are parts of Louisiana that are still recovering from Katrina.

I’ll let you think about that. Sounds far fetched, but I put nothing past the communists. In the meantime, I must prepare for work tomorrow. Please like and comment, have a good night and a good week.

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