Shop Till You Drop

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sunday, December 19, 2021

I have been busy shopping online and in person. A few minutes ago, I gave my way cool neighbours Maureen and Erica their gifts. Originally, I was to gift them a Keurig Classic coffee maker, but I thought maybe they already have a coffee maker since they love a cuppa Joe in the morning. Then I was going to buy a Brita filtered water pitcher, but I wanted something more personal without being too personal. So I bought them two tins of cookies and two scented candles. I figured I would keep it simple. They loved them.

I ordered two more gifts online last week. One went to a friend whose unofficial title is “The Dark One,” and another one went to a close friend that will remind her as to who she is. I probably shouldn’t have, but both of them mean a lot to me, and I would hate myself if I didn’t gift them something.

I did not know what to buy for mom, so I bought a necklace with her initial on it and a grinder since she’s been asking for one. My girlfriend’s birthday is this week, which I almost forgot, so I bought her a gift. I don’t know if it will arrive in time for Christmas though, but I’m taking a gamble that it will. She arrived home in time to put up the tree and it looks wonderful.

But what about a gift for me? Glad you asked. I ordered Lapis Lazuli bracelets, and I have a few more in mind. A running joke is that if I ever walk into a store that sells crystals, I will be broke by the time I leave. In reality, my girlfriend is the best gift that I have ever had.

Usually I go to the gym on Sunday mornings, but not this time because I have a lot to do, and I wanted home time to rest and take care of a few things. But I did my yoga and core exercises to make up for the lack of gym time.

I wanted to mention a very annoying conundrum that I’m facing at the moment. I installed my Doom games on this computer, but they will not play because a DPLAY.dll file is missing. I’m wondering how could that be? All the gaming drivers on this computer have been updated. Everything is current. I remember when the game stopped working on the old lappy because I was missing certain WAD files. I downloaded the files and got the game working. I can download the missing file for “free,” but after I download the software, surprise, I have to pay if I want the missing file, which ANNOYS me to no end. So it looks like if I want my game to work, I must pay the piper. But sheesh, if I have to pay, tell me BEFORE I download the file!

So that’s all I have for now. If anyone knows how can I get the missing file, please leave a comment. I hope everyone has a good Sunday and a good week.

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