It’s All About Control

I saw a very disturbing remark on Instagram that allegedly came from the White House a few days ago regarding people like me who refuse to take the poison jab. I can’t find that remark on the web, but I did find the following remark from our bird brained leader. Keep in mind that this remark is not recent, but it shows that the Biden Administration is using COVID-19 as a way to control the population by encouraging us to get “vaccinated.”

I came across this article in my feed recently. The traitors are all around us. In our schools, at our jobs, I think he should be executed for treason.

Meanwhile, Governor Hocul, who I HATE to pieces, has taken the next step toward fascism. This wench needs to be thrown out of office before NYS becomes a dictator state.

And now we have the Pfizer CEO is saying that a fourth booster is needed. Really? REALLY? This is all about control! There are people that are worried about getting COVID, and are lining up to get the jab, not realising that they could be putting their lives in peril. My mom is a prime example. She is worried about the “Omicron variant” despite me telling her is a fake, but she has not mentioned anything about getting a booster. Which is good because she is experiencing unbearable shoulder pain at the moment. She has an appointment with her PCP.

I will let the following article speak for itself. All I have to say is that I am not surprised. If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your browser

As of now, my company has still not forced me to get the jab. But what bothers me is when I move and apply for a new job, I may need to have my papers. The only think I will do is get a COVID test. I’m not getting the jab. And I’m off Christmas Eve. I’m so happy about that.

That’s all the news I have for now. Please like and comment. Have a good day everyone.

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