Olive Oyl Gets Roasted Again

Well now, here I am again. Sometimes I wonder what am I doing here. Duh, doing what I like to do! Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful Tuesday morning in downstate New York, as opposed to the clouds and snow flurries yesterday. Well, I need to sound off about our dumb as rocks “congresswoman” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka the AOC, aka Occasional Cortex, which I think is hysterical. As most of you are well aware, I refer to her as the after mentioned Olive Oyl, or the Diva of D’oh.

I found this article on Facebook from DJHJ Media about the AOC enjoying the comforts of Florida with her boyfriend, and how she was CRUCIFIED on Twitter regarding her clap back to Twitter user Steve Cortes regarding his tweet about her being in a free state instead of representing her constituents in her district and wearing a face diaper like the rest of us. In other words, she’s a complete hypocrite. No congresswoman worth her SALT would tweet about Republicans being mad because they can’t date her. Really? As far as I see, the only ones who would want to date her are Popeye and Bluto.

As long as I’m here, I can share something else with the class. This sickening advert appeared on my feed. This is discrimination. As a former friend used to say, why is no one talking about this? Because if you’re an outlaw like me who refuse to take the jab, you’re not welcome in the workforce. And these demon rats wonder why there are shortages.


Also, whilst we’re suffering up here with stupid face diaper mandates and overall tyranny, the AOC is living her best life. Look what I found:


DeSantis should throw her out of Florida and send her bone butt back up here where she belongs so we can properly goof on her for being an airhead, and force her to wear the face diapers that she advocates for that we have to wear everywhere, as mandated by that excuse for a Governor. I hate both women to pieces. The only other person I hate more is Kamala Harris, aka the Pavement Princess of Putrid. Chances are I would snarl at them if I ever saw them in public.

I think that’s enough hatred from me now. We’ll see if more Alexandria follies are forthcoming. And I wonder who in the world would be running A/C on a day like this in my complex? I can hear someone’s window unit cycling on/off. It’s bloody cold outside. Oh well. Thanks for reading my post. Please like and comment. Have a blessed day.

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