Snow Day

Early this morning, the New York Metropolitan Area, which includes, Long Island, received the first significant snowfall of the new year. Thankfully, in my area, we got the light, fluffy stuff, instead of the heavy, wet goop that I’m used to. The cleanup was fairly uneventful. I cleared my patio and dug out the car and my bus so maintenance could properly clean the parking lot. I wanted to buy a leaf blower so I could clear the snow off my car quickly, but I had to settle for snow brush that I bought last year. I love it to pieces. I can extend the handle, and angle the head in three directions. It makes clearing snow off my car roof much easier. I looked at the roads through Google Maps, and the highway, state roads, feeder roads, and side streets were all orange, which means traffic was moving slowly; as expected. I did not hear about any major accidents, which is a good thing, considering how people drive around here.

I could understand programs being closed today. I thought the snow would stop by sunrise, but it was still snowing by then. It stopped sometime before noon. I did not want to be on the roads in this weather. But what bothers me is that that although I got lucky this time, more storms are in the future. This is winter time. Right now, the sun is out, and it feels a bit warmer. But I know everything will freeze when the sun goes down. Ahhhh, the joys of living in the Northeast.

Photo courtesy of Dubba Do’s
Photo courtesy of Dubba Do’s
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Dubba Do’s

I wanted to give my longtime friend Tracy a plug. She makes these cute creations by hand. The price depends on what you are looking for, and she does special orders, such as the above pic. Most cost $25. If you would like to order one, leave a message in the comments, or email me, and I can put you in touch with her. I really love her work. I asked her to send me more snaps so I can include them in future posts.

I wanted to say that actor Sidney Poitier has passed on. I thought he was already dead, so imagine my shock when I saw the news. Now its official. Last time I saw him was in the movie To Sir, with Love. I loved that movie because I get to see England during simpler times. As some of you may know, I have a deep connection for the UK which most people will not understand. But anyway, thanks for reading my post, please like and comment, and I hope you have a good day, and a great weekend.

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