My Happy Ending

Hello everyone. It is a cold 18 degrees today. I did not sleep well because the wind machine was off, and I had to turn up the heat because it was very cold overnight. I woke up after 2am to turn it on, and all the restlessness ceased. But I had to wake up at 4am. So no rest for the weary, as usual.

This is coffee season for me, meaning I drink more coffee in the winter than I do in the summer. I am running low, so I went to the Keurig website to place an order yesterday. I remembered what happened last time I tried placing an order, so I used a different debit card. The order did not go through. I tried my usual card, and it still did not go through. I called customer service and ordered through them, and the card STILL did not go through!! The agent suggested I call my bank to find out what’s going on. So I did just that. I was told that the transaction was being approved by the bank, but Keurig kept cancelling the order on their end.

A few minutes ago, I was venting about the whole sordid mess to a friend, and she suggested I try Amazon. Now that was a profound statement. Yesterday, I ordered two cans of Prestone De-Icer from Amazon, since I can’t seem to find it in the stores, so let me see if they would have the coffee. They seem to have everything! Sure enough, they had it, AND the Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate that I like. I wasted no time in ordering both boxes. They cost a little more, but that’s okay. I’m finally getting my coffee!! My friend gets a free Tarot card reading for her suggestion.

So all of my future coffee orders will go to Amazon, since Keurig doesn’t seem to want my business. I would prefer to order from them since I get discounts, but I can’t have everything. So even though I’m tired, I’m happy.

Thanks for reading my post, please like and comment. Have a good day everyone.

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