A Few Pictures to Share

One of my Patriot friends posted a series of pictures that I wish to share with the class regarding the so called “vaccine.” She also shared an anti inflammatory supplement available on Amazon to help keep COVID and other diseases at bay. Like I have been saying, this “vaccine” being forced on us is no vaccine. It is a form of gene modification. I have heard that once you get the jab, you’re no longer a human being because your DNA is being rewritten. I read an article somewhere about a woman who developed tremors in her arm as soon as she got the injection. The symptom seem to be permanent. And Fauci is still running his mouth about face diaper mandates. DON’T BELIEVE FAUCI AND HIS LIES! He says so much feces that he should write his notes on toilet paper. He is an elitist who sides with the CCP and gets paid by them to spread propaganda.

Anti inflammatory

Do you still think that our government has our best interests in mind? If so, then you’re a part of the problem.

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