Me, Myself, and I

Well, this is interesting. My sun and moon sides broke bread and shook hands. My heart has been healed, I was on Facebook yesterday and I’m feeling like myself again. That is such good news. And I got some insight from a friend as to what caused me to fall into a pit of despair.

I cannot go into specifics here, but basically, she changed her mind about being in a relationship with me. I believe there are many reasons why. Just as well. I’m hard to love. I bring too much to the table. I thought that my daughter would hate me. That would have destroyed what was left of my spirit. But her saying she was not mad when I reached out to her really helped to heal my heart. I love her to pieces. She’s my little dragon with a big heart.

Tonight is a full moon, and I did a five card full moon draw with my cards. It was nice to have them in my hands again. I wanted to do a draw yesterday but I was so tired. I narrowed it down to a lack of Vitamin D, so now I eat them like candy. Even this morning I felt so bedraggled, but five Vitamin D pills alleviated the tiredness.

The latest thing to really irritate me is the misadventures of the Dutchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, as seen in the following article.

The only reason why she deems England a “lost cause” is because the people see her for who is really is. In the beginning, I did not think much of her because I was not following what was going on. When she did that interview with that elitist Oprah, that REALLY made me mad. Okay, I’m descended from Egyptian Royalty, and even I know that if there is a problem in house, you go through the proper channels to resolve it. You don’t arrange an interview and tell the public about what goes on in the palace. That’s so juvenile! And she lives in a multi million dollar mansion in California, aka COMMIE-fornia where she and the other elitists are dealing with the stench from a nearby bird refuge. When in Commie-fornia, do what the communists do. Buy a new house somewhere else!

As usual, my time is short so I’ll end it here for today. I have a lot on my mind about the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau and his communist cohorts in crime, and the Clintons being involved in a massive spy ring. I’ll have to get to those topics are some point. Anyway, have a good rest of your week.

Fight the power.

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