The Woke Mob and AOC

I was talking to my patriotic sister yesterday evening, and we briefly delved into the topic of being woke. I always thought that it meant finding offence in everyday things, but it actually means to bring awareness to an issue; usually racism, or that asinine BLM movement. An example is their hatred of the Cracker Barrel name. Cracker is a racist term for a white male, therefore, the Cracker Barrel name is racist to them. I visited a Cracker Barrel in Utah last year, and they make the best pancakes I have ever had. The store that was connected to the restaurant had so many knick knacks and gifts that I would have easily went broke.

As I was doing my yoga stretches this morning, I was thinking about what would be considered woke. Then I remembered the company vehicle in the parking lot. Its white, with the company name in black block letters. To a woke person, I think that would convey white power, and the oppression of blacks. To you and I, its just a white bus. Not to them. Its racist! I’m promoting white power and the oppression of blacks! Unlike the woke mob, I can hear myself speak, and realise how STUPID it sounds.

Thankfully, I have never been confronted by a woke person about my company vehicle. If that happened, I would say muck off and get yourself lost. Personally, I hate the livery, and I prefer the older vehicles with the maroon stripe to add contrast. But I’m not the one that orders and specs the vehicles. It has A/C, the radio works, I can use my Bluetooth, I love the electric door, fast idle switch, and a 6.8 litre V10 under my right foot. I can’t complain. But I believe the reason why its white is because it reflects light, and it is less prone to paint fade. It also stands out in a crowded parking lot.

If being woke means to demonstrate the need for awareness of an issue, then why are they not talking about child sex trafficking? Inflation? How about Paedophilia? No, wait, they do raise awareness about that. They want it to be a normal thing! Oh sure, like I’m going to endorse an adult having a child for a sex partner. I don’t know about you, but anyone that expresses a sexual interest in my younger cousins and tries to blow it off as normal will be getting laid out by a right hook by yours truly. I really want it to be a left hook, but I’m right handed.

Allow me to share this article about Tucker Carlson and his thoughts about our dumb as rocks Democratic congresswoman (yeah, right) the AOC, aka Occasional Cortex, Olive Oyl, the Diva of D’oh. I could go on for days.

Tucker says she’s not a woman of colour, and she proved his point by calling him a pendejo! Only a Latina would do that. A woman of colour would have a lot more colourful words to say. I have a friend whose daughter gives makeup tips on YouTube, but she does not refer to herself as a woman of colour, nor does she talk about her ethnic lineage to anyone who will listen. Tucker also mentions that AOC mentions that she’s alone in a post on Instagram.

Why would you say that, AOC? Are you looking for a hookup? That’s not something a congresswoman worth her salt would say to her Instagram followers. I thought she had a boyfriend. Then I wonder who would want to follow her? Men in white coats from the sanitarium? Her follower base probably consists of woke liberals. I follow Marjorie Greene on Instagram, and she talks about the issues, and nothing about being alone.

Sometimes I think about what happened with a certain person, and I can laugh about it now because I’m over it. But as for the men that want to win her heart and be her one and only, I say good luck. They have no idea what they will be getting themselves into. That’s all I’ll say about it.

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good night.

Fight the power.

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