War and Pieces

Welcome to Biden’s America, where THE most inept president ever to hold office gives our arch enemy an excuse to invade the Ukraine. And the United States can’t do a thing about it, even if we wanted to.

Whilst perusing Instagram, I happened upon a post by Marjorie Green which puts things in perspective.

The Ukraine was not allowed to join NATO. I looked up a list of NATO allies and Latvia and Lithuania are members, but not the Ukraine. I think the reason is that a situation could happen where the United States would be facing off against Russia to protect the Ukraine, and we don’t want war with them. Biden will only defend NATO allies, so they’re on their own. There’s not much the United States could do anyway, since we have an airhead for a commander in chief. Now that Putin knows that we will not interfere, he went for it. Biden did announce sanctions, which is laughable. Does he honestly think that Putin cares? He knows Biden is weak, and couldn’t fight his way out of a potato sack.

Sometimes I wonder what is going through the mind of my former socialist friend named Sophie, who worships Biden like he’s a deity, and her liberal ex girlfriend, who I tossed out of my friend list. I did notice that the goofy face that was her profile pic was gone. Wonder if she regrets being on Team Biden. I bet Sophie would still try to convince me that the high gas prices are Trump’s fault! Oh yeah, sure, Trump was the cause of all the problems, when it was that screwhead Biden who killed the Keystone Pipeline, and caused gas prices to start climbing almost immediately. She never talked about that, the wench! I would really love to take her bloody head off as to this war. Does she like that Biden will have blood on his hands for every Ukrainian that dies during this war? I may never know. Keep in mind that she lives in the UK; and I used to tell her that since she does not live here, she does not understand the politics of what goes on here.

Meanwhile, China is licking their chops at the prospect of invading Taiwan, as illustrated in the link below.


If China invades Taiwan, Biden will have blood on his hands for every Taiwanese citizen that dies because of his conflict. Why? Because if it happens, he will not do a thing because Taiwan is not a NATO ally. How interesting. Even if they were, I bet his CCP handlers would tell him not to do anything, OR ELSE. I’ll go as far as to say that Biden’s supporters have blood on their hands also, for voting for him, along with his wife Jill, who was the babysitter for his children. That’s right, he cheated on his then-wife with Jill. That’s why she’s a lot younger than him. That says to me that Biden supporters have bird seed for brains just like he does.

All this talk about Russia brings to mind a Russian female that hired on at Wal-Mart when I was working in the foods department in 2004. Her name was Veronica, and to say that she was beautiful was putting it mildly. She was blonde, spoke English, and I bet she was getting hit on left and right since everyone stared at her no matter where she went. Mostly because she wore revealing outfits that would turn men and boys into drooling fools. I assume she was a Russian bride because she was married. The husband is one lucky guy. I wonder what she thinks of Putin’s actions. She was the only Russian woman I have ever met in my life.

At least the Ukraine is not going down without a fight. Look what I found:


It seems like a lost cause, but I’m glad they’re showing Putin that they will give him a fight. And as for you, “President” Biden, those 13 Ukrainian soldiers that died is YOUR FAULT! I hope you see the inside of a penitentiary for your crimes against humanity; if you live long enough.

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome, and have a good weekend.

Fight the power.

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