Just Some Thoughts on Stuff

This morning, I learned that there are five Jamaican students trapped in the Ukraine. They are all right, and the Jamaican Consulate is in touch with them. Even though they are safe for the moment, they clearly cannot stay where they are. I pray for their safety.

In case you didn’t know, I’m Jamaican. I feel terrible for those students. My heart has been heavy all day. It only increased my hatred toward Biden and his air headed supporters. And I’m supposed to let go of hatred and anger so I can be a better person. Not while that tyrant still occupies the White House.

Now, as a Jamaican, China has been a friend to the nation for a long time. Without them, Jamaica wouldn’t have highways and toll plazas. One of the newest highways is the North South Highway, as seen in the video below.

I remember when mom sent me to Jamaica to stay with her dad because she worked all the time, and didn’t trust my baby sitter. Sometimes, grandpa would take me along when he would visit his daughter and my aunt in Montego Bay, which is on the north end of the island. We woke up sometime after 2AM, had breakfast, then drove all night on country roads; most of which were poorly lit, hence the need for the big driving lights on the Hillman Hunter‘s front bumper. We didn’t stop for gas, or even a comfort break. We reached Ocho Rios at first light, as evidenced by the bauxite mines to my left, or the “red dirt” as I referred to it, and we would reach Montego Bay by sunrise. I loved seeing cruise ships sailing by because my aunt’s house was on top of a hill. Thanks to the new highway, one can make the same trip in much less time. One of the marvels about the highway is how the mountains looked like they were cut in half by a giant chain saw for the highway to go through. I don’t know how the Chinese builders did it, but it is a marvelous feat of engineering.

On the other hand, while living in America, its hard for me to not hate them because of how the CCP is using Biden as their puppet to push their communist agenda on U.S. soil, and their desire to invade Taiwan. And I’m not pleased with all the Chinese junk in my flat. I can thank all those companies that abandoned the USA for China because manufacturing costs are cheaper there.

Now THIS pisses me off! He indirectly gave Putin the green light to go into the Ukraine, and now he calls a press conference to announce sanctions against Russia! I would tell this air headed blockhead to shut his trap because I don’t want to hear ANYTHING that he has to say. He talks a lot, but says nothing! Go talk to your communist supporters, you swine, because to them, you’re God!

So I just happened upon this interesting tidbit:


Tanks do get very poor fuel economy, so I’m not surprised that this Russian tank went dry. I guess they forgot to fill up before making the trip to Kyiv. Maybe there were in a rush to join the fight and use innocent civilians as target practice. If it was me, who happened upon the hapless Russians, I would boo and hiss at them relentlessly and shout at them “Ukraine, forever!”

I really hope that this does not happen…

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good night.

Fight the power.

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