Tanti Auguri!

My special day is here! I received a card and a monetary gift from a friend who wants to have a party for me, but her home is under construction at the moment, so we agreed to reschedule. My daughter wished me happy birthday. She is the best present I could ever have. Well, that would be exceeded by the ad for the 2022 Ford Edge that I saw yesterday, but the $46,000 price tag is too rich for my blood. Even if I sold all my stock, I still wouldn’t have enough to get it. My close friend Fran sent me a happy birthday video by The Beatles. I did not know that song was by the Beatles! I have heard it many times and I had no idea as to who was the artist(s).

Meanwhile, I just got a notice in the door saying that maintenance will be shutting off the water for boiler maintenance. My guess is that it needs descaling. We have hard water here, hence the need for my Brita pitcher. Hopefully I’ll remember to fill a pot with water tonight and keep the Keurig full of water.

Other than having a beer after work, nothing spectacular will be going on today. I would have wanted the day off to kick back and relax, maybe hang out with mom. But those spinning wheels have to go round or I won’t make money.

I had seen an article about Disney including more gay and lesbian characters in their movies, and I wanted to post it, but now I can’t find it. I wanted to talk about it, but I’ll just say that I hate Disney for being so damn woke. When I was a kid, I liked Disney like any other kid. I still remember bits and pieces of a silly song on a 45 rpm record that I used to play where Mickey Mouse was singing. But I never took to Disney, even after I grew up. I hated Donald Duck because he was annoying and I couldn’t understand him, Mickey Mouse was way too sweet for my taste, Pluto was ugly, and Goofy was just that. And Disney is one giant rabbit hole that we can get into another day.

I plan on enjoying the rest of my birthday and I’ll have cake this Saturday. Mom never fails to buy a cake for me. I don’t think she will be able to afford a gift this year, but that’s okay. Having her around is enough of a gift. So thanks for reading my post, comments are always welcome, and you have a blessed day.

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