Time to Clear this Up

Something has been bothering me since February, and I need to get it off my chest. I talked about this in a previous post, but I did not dive deep into it.

My friends know that my girlfriend and I broke up. But two of those friends who must remain nameless did not agree with the circumstances that let to the break up. I thought it was all my fault, but they disagree. Gradually, I received insight as to what really happened, and it has pissed me off ever since.

The ex and I were talking on messenger, and one of her sore points is that I didn’t plaster her face all over Facebook, or tell anyone that I was in a relationship with her, OR make an announcement on Facebook that we were together.

Au contraire, mon frere.

My mom knew, my sisters knew, and so did a few friends. I didn’t put it all over Facebook because nothing was official yet, and I wanted to be sure that we would have our happy ending. Plus, I did not feel comfortable making that kind of announcement on social media. That has happened before, and I’m the one that ended up with horse dung on my face. And I had doubts about the relationship. So that’s why I didn’t announce it all over Facebook. I didn’t want to be a laughing stock, yet again.

The second sore point is how she stopped talking to our daughter and blocked her on social media. That really pissed me off. Our daughter has been through so much crap in her life. Her ex doesn’t allow her to see her kids, and, whatever time she gets with them is clearly not enough. Then she was angry that our daughter is my cover photo. I’m showing her off to the world, and not her.


That is so preposterous! Of course I’m going to tell my friends about her! Why wouldn’t I? Of course I will show her off to the world! I admit she has gone through a lot of crap growing up, but now she stands tall like her dad. She has two job offers that she is pondering at the moment. I’m so proud of her. She can lean on my shoulder anytime she needs to vent her emotions. She’s doing fine now that she knows that dad remains firmly in her corner.

And today, a what-if scenario was playing in my head. The mother contacts me and apologises for casting both of us off, was very contrite, and asks for forgiveness. I would say “apologise to our daughter first. Then we’ll talk.” I already know what I would say, but I would be willing to hear her side of the story. Unlike her blocking our daughter, I did not block her. The lines of communication are still open for the time being.

Sol when I told two of my close friends what happened, they were very angry. Both of said that this is a cop out. She changed her mind about us. At the time, I was upset over it, but in hindsight, it was the best thing that could happen. I had lots of questions ruminating in my mind, but we could never talk because trying to call or text her on the phone was a lesson in futility. My biggest sore point is that she smokes like a MP-15 DC locomotive with a failed turbocharger. When I returned home from Wyoming, my clothes smelled of smoke. I can’t be around cigarette smoke because I will cough and wheeze for days or weeks after being exposed to it.

Communication was another sore point. We just did not talk as much as I wanted to. I wanted to talk, and she was usually MIA. That pissed me off. Granted, there are days when I don’t talk because I’m stressed out, but, if I have feelings for a woman, we will talk because it is very important in any relationship. She owns land in Scotland thanks to me. What a waste of money that was. Oh well.

Despite all this, I will always be glad that the mother reunited me with our child. I just regret that all this ugliness had to happen all because one of her parents passed on. At least that is what I believe happened. So now that I got all that out, I feel much better.

Thanks for reading my post and allowing me to vent. Comments are always welcome. Have a good night.

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