Disney Woke Up

When your friends walk right in, here comes Donald Duck (quack, quack)

Me and you and Goofy too, boy are we in luck

I’m a happy mouse, and I love to feed

Cause every single time kids watch us on TV

In a previous post, I have talked about Disney and the atrocious actions of Wanda Sykes and her elitist brood. I never found the article I was looking for since those Insta-GOONS probably took it down, but I found plenty of stuff about Disney and their not so secret gay and lesbian agenda.

If your kids watch Disney programming, or if you watch the Disney Channel, or subscribe to Disney plus, then I have bad news for you. Cast your peepers at the article below.

The thing is, if you ask any Disney corporate lackey as to their true intentions about sexualising children, they will freely admit it! All this shouldn’t surprise me. I have watched videos about supposed Satanic signs that can clearly be seen in some Disney movies; AND, supposedly Walt, the Big Cheese himself, was no stranger to Satanic rituals.

Here are two videos about Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis sounding off about Disney. He reminds me of those E.F. Hutton commercials: when DeSantis talks, people listen. Except for the woke leftists and demon rats, of course.

So you guys know about my neighbours Maureen and Erica. They are a same sex couple who I love to pieces. They are so sweet and loving. They’re not woke, they would not endorse sexualising children, and they definitely don’t act like entitled Karens in public. I want to ask their opinion about Disney going woke and including more gay characters in their movies. You guys also know about socialist Sophie, who is a MTF transgender woman who stands up for the rights of the gay community. I bet that wench endorses all this Disney wokeness and applauds Wanda Sykes. I knew the girlfriend, who has since left the relationship. I always wondered what did the ex see in Sophie. Her ideas on sex and love are quite different from any straight or gay couple.

Here is another article about Disney going woke.


Parents, please be mindful as to what your children are being taught in school. This nonsense is being pushed upon them by the teachers and the faculty. Get involved. If you see something, say something. Call out the school board and tell them you do not what your children indoctrinated like this. Take them out of school and home school them if you have to. Don’t let these losers get away with turning our children into wannabe drag queens before they’re adults. I had mentioned a video about a 12 year old drag queen in a previous post. If you have Snapchat, I saw that video in the Snapchat stories section.

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good night, and a good weekend.

Fight the power.

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