A Few Bits and Pieces

So I have a few things to share with the class, and BLM takes centre stage.


As I have told you before, none of the money that BLM makes, or STEALS, goes to help members of the black community, so this should not shock you. All the people who have donated millions of dollars to them have been played as fools and suckers.

The creator of BLM is that rat bastard and Satan’s favourite demon George Soros. He does not give a damn about the black community! All he wants to do is create chaos and mayhem by dividing the whites and blacks to distract us whilst he continues with his heinous agenda unchecked. He is using the trial, tribulations, and oppression that blacks have endured for decades as a cover to gain sympathy from WE, THE PEOPLE. They implant a false narrative in your mind that implies they are helping the black community. That is, if you advocate for defunding the police, making veiled threats against law enforcement, and starting riots to get your way helpful. That is what they do. Their real agenda is to acquire wealth from clueless, but rich donors. and spend it shamelessly. It is their way of “spreading the wealth”. Bah! Sort of like take from the rich and keep it for themselves. We, as the black community, don’t see a penny of that wealth. There is no trickle down theory here. Why can’t people see the truth about them? It frustrates me to no end! Do me a favour and stop donating to these cretins. They don’t care about you. All they care about is how much money they can get, so they can go buy another mansion.

I really love this. I have definitely had enough of all this Disney wokeness. Even now, I’m seeing more gay characters on TV and I’m sick of it. Case in point: I’m watching season five of The Flash where Barry meets his daughter, and it seems like she is gay. Its the same thing with Supergirl with Alex being gay. Look, I’m not saying being gay is bad. I love my gay neighbours Maureen and Erica. They’re so sweet. But I’m tired of seeing it on TV. Stop it already! If I want to watch gay programing, I’ll tune in to Logo. So there. And I’m reading a book by Kate Bornstein called A Queer and Pleasant Danger. BTW, remember I said that Walt Disney is no stranger to Satanism in a previous post? Here’s something for you to consider.


In other news, my daughter did not take the hospital job. Instead, she accepted a position at a well known retail establishment, and was promoted to store manager. Which figures because she has extensive retail experience, and she has a unique way of dealing with irate customers. I’m so proud of her. She already has plans for her future and I can’t wait to see them come to fruition. On the wish list is to buy a Dodge Polara for her, and we restore it together.

I picked up my tax forms today, and had them filed. A friend who is a tax preparer warned me that the refunds were small this year. She was not kidding. I had to cancel my appointment at the Mercedes dealership to put a down payment on the murdered out 2019 C300 with 4Matic that I have had my eye on. My refund is basically my gas budget for the month. Thanks, President Pudding Head!

And thank you for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good weekend.

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