More Disney and Other Stuff

Before I go into my rant about Disney, I need to share this video I found on Twitter. This illustrates just how much of a joke our administration is to the rest of the world. But, its on point, and I think its funny.

Okay, so lets get into Disney with these two posts.

Is it just me, or does this woke Disney heiress look like a transwoman? She reminds me of that lackey from the Department of Health and Human Services Rachel Levine. I should not be surprised that this Abigail wants Disney to be even more woke. That aspect turns my stomach. And this morning, I saw “mouse ears;” which is my term for high mounted stop/tail/turn lights on a beverage truck. These names just come to me at random. So yesterday, my tax preparer friend was telling me about what happened at the prom with her daughter and her intended. For some reason, the DJ started playing Let it Go from the Frozen movie soundtrack, and all the boys started singing! What? That’s when they decided to leave. I don’t blame them because I would have left too!!

The shooting in the Bronx makes me sick! Even if the police catch the shooter, remember, we have a demon rat for a DA who will probably charge him with a misdemeanor, make him pinky swear that he will show up for his court date, and release him on cashless bail. And this 16 year old girl and her parents will never be avenged. This is one of many reasons why I refuse to go to NYC. And I remember it was just as dangerous back in the 1980’s when the crack epidemic hit. People were getting shot left and right. The subway was a dangerous place to be, and so was the South Bronx. But I still walked the streets and rode the subways without fear. I remember the Bernard Goetz shooting on the subway. When a transit cop came on the train, I instantly felt better; even if he only stayed on for a few stops. It meant there were on the job.

I came across these gems before I was ready to publish. I totally agree. If Disney wants to go woke, why should they get tax breaks? I’m waiting for DeSantis to make the call and really sock it to them. Go woke, go broke. I’m not surprised that 77% of Democrats still trust Disney, since they’re wannabe paedophiles. And speaking of Democrats, I found one more gem I want to share.


Well, look what the cat hawked up….and dragged in. Our WENCH of a Governor Hochul says she had no clue about this. Uh huh, and meanwhile, her nose is halfway out her office door. Of course she knew! My guess is that since we have a weak on crime District Attorney, he will serve no jail time. Catch and release, pinky swear to show up for his court date. Bah! The Democrats have made a mockery of our criminal justice system. I pray for the day when my congressman Lee Zeldin is elected Governor, and Hocul, along with her demon rat lackeys, are tossed out.

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good day and see you next time.

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