Stop It Right Now!

Look at what I found whilst perusing Instagram. California will pay reparations for slavery? Really? With what money? So they caved in to the demands of those BLM rat bastards and the wannabe thugs known as Antifa. Worse than that, now they want to promote segregation by creating black schools and universities! Instead of moving forward, society is moving backward, thanks to the Democrats! There will be heavy pushback. If creating and promoting segregation is what they want, then California should secede from the Union. Believe it or not, I’m in favour of red states seceding from the Union and create a United Free States of America. I wonder what my Italian friend over there thinks about this, along with my uncle, who mom will not speak to. And I did not sleep well because for the whole night I had woke stuff swirling around in my head, and how the country is going downhill like a runaway freight train. At this point, I want to move to the UK. It has always felt like home. My friends say I sound more British. And everyone is going gaga about June being Pride Month. I don’t care! Stop rubbing it in my face! I care more about Juneteenth, which marks the end of slavery in the United States.

This makes me sick. Everywhere I look, someone is caving in to them for offending them. I used to love NASCAR, but no more. Think it can’t get any worse? Yes it can…

I screamed about this so much yesterday that I have nothing left to say about it, but let’s give it a go. How screwed are we as a country when one branch of the military has gone woke? Will the Marines lay down their arms at the prospect of an invasion by Chinese soldiers because they don’t want to offend them? Ever so slowly, my faith is this country is being eroded by the liberals and the Democrats. It is a damn shame that my daughter has to grow up in this world where we’re afraid of offending the gays by referring to a guy as sir, or a woman as ma’am because they/them are the preferred pronouns. How are we supposed to know that? Just stop it already! They need to realise that the whole bloody planet does not revolve around them.

I found this gem that I wanted to include as a bonus. This sub disgusts me. Or maybe sub human is too kind. I like primal vampyr better since I would love to put a stake through his dark heart. I ranted about him before and now I have nothing left to say. Other than I hope he walks into an alligator pit.

Thanks for dropping in and seeing what the fuss is all about. You can leave a comment if you’re so inclined. Drop in again for another award winning post. Yeah I know, it would be easier to win a date with Katy Sagal. Enjoy your day, beautiful people.

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