An Attempt at a Blog

Recently, I have been wondering why these demon rats are not so concerned about gas prices. It is because they all drive electric cars. In their warped minds, they feel that they are doing the right thing by not depending on oil for their cars. Problem is, we have to mine a lot of earth to get the lithium needed just to produce one Tesla battery. And there is a possibility that we could be facing a shortage of those minerals.

Repeal the Second Amendment? That’s not happening. These creeps want to take your guns, but will turn a blind eye to the criminals that have guns. I stand for the Second Amendment. This guy is full of horse dung, just like the rest of the elitists.

There is so much going on in these United States. So much to talk about, and I can’t even write a good article about what’s going on. I don’t know what to say. That’s why there is such a huge gap between posts. I feel like the fire has gone out. I can’t even decide what should I share, and there is a lot. I am so sorry. I feel disgusted. I want to write a good article illustrating my argument, post links to support it, and I can’t even do that. And then I go get myself in trouble with a friend a few minutes ago. Sometimes I really need to shut my mouth. So my apologies if this isn’t the greatest article I have ever done, and I have lots of garbage articles in the drafts folder. Hopefully my next one will be full of fire and brimstone. If you have made it this far, thanks for reading my rant. You can leave a comment if you want, and have a good day.

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