Back at It

Okay, so let’s try this blogging thing again after the chaos on Monday where I couldn’t think of anything to blog about.

Yesterday, I was almost fired on a rules violation. Felt like crap for a few hours after getting bawled out. So I’m trying to stay invisible and stay away from the bosses and the office. That was a no can do today because I needed a DOT book and route sheets. I usually print them here, but I figured as long as I was going to the office, I might as well get a stack. I was on the last page of the DOT book. I held out for as long as I could. I knock on the door, and instead of the dispatcher, one of the senior supervisors answered. Really? Just put the machete in my back already and call it a day. Thankfully, it went well, and I’m lucky I’m not shaking like the ground when a train comes through. The objective now is to carry on with my work, follow the rules, and stay out of the crosshairs of the bosses, AND the suits.

I found this video on Facebook, and to say I am beyond disgusted doesn’t even cover it. This must be an attempt at some kind of gay takeover. If it will not open, copy and paste the link into your browser.

This is why they want our guns. Disarm the citizens, and they’re free to implement the Great Reset. Notice they don’t say anything about taking guns from criminals, AND, if you rob a store and shoot someone, you wont get any jail time because of Alvin Bragg, the leftist DA who will not prosecute violent crimes. I talked about this in another blog, but NYC is basically every man and woman for self. You want that fur coat, but don’t have the money? No problem. Just walk in and take it! No one will stop you. And I’m not advocating that you should steal to get what you want. This is how life works here when demon rats are running the asylum. If you have a concealed carry permit and you’re carrying a gun, you’re ahead of the game. Some leftists, like the accursed Michael Moore, want to ban the Second Amendment entirely. Some want to go even further, as in disbanding the NRA. Well, guess what, you creeps? That will not happen for as long as I walk the earth.

Here’s a video that a Patriot sent to me. It has some scenes of the J6 insurrection. I’ll let you make the call as to what is going on. Hopefully the rose coloured glasses will come off and you will see the big picture.

Well hush my mouth and stuff me with chitlins! The Clown Prince of Putrid, who is fully vaccinated with two boosters, is sick with this so called COVID! There is such a thing as poetic justice. And I bet that even though he tested positive, he will STILL advocate for everyone to get “vaccinated.” He can walk off a cliff.

This is what we have to do. Our sham of a government will not protect us, and neither will the police, so it is up to WE, THE PEOPLE, to protect ourselves, and each other.

Dictator for Life

One last thing I wanted to mention. I had talked about leftist logic in a previous blog and I gave a few examples. Here’s one more:

Men can menstruate. That put my brain at a standstill. As it hit a brick wall. But wait. I think they mean FTM trans men. Do they think that way about genetic men? I’ll stop here because I can already see the rabbit hole getting deeper, and already I can feel a headache coming.

All right. I think I did a better job at a blog this time. But with me, it never seems right. But if you see my point, or if it is the least bit interesting, then I have succeeded. So, if you have stayed with me this far, I thank you. Usually no one gives a flying fat frog about what I have to say, unless I’m yelling at them. Maybe because no one can understand me when my accent comes out. Oh well. Here’s hoping the next post will be just as interesting. Have a good night, beautiful people

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