Impeach the Dictator for Life

Since 30% of the population approve of the job this bonehead is doing, that implies that 70% disapprove. My question is WHO are the 30% that approve of this diaper wearing sub human who has the balance of a broken gyroscope? We can agree that this wannabe communist needs to be impeached. People talk about it, but no one is doing anything. The WH will certainly not do anything. They embrace his anti American policies and rhetoric. They turn a blind eye to every illegal thing he does because they’re all woke elitists who hate America. A coup is out of the question since the January 6th incident. There is a third option, but I’m not saying it, lest I have Biden’s lackeys from the Secret Service banging on my door. So what do we do?

I proposed this idea before, and I’ll do so again. All the lower 48 red states should secede from the Union and form the United Free States of America and elect President Trump, just like the Confederacy did when they named Jefferson Davis as president of the seven southern states Dictator Biden would have ZERO jurisdiction. I’m not in favour of breaking up the Union, but something has to be done to stop Satan’s lackeys and Biden’s leftist lackeys from destroying the country.

I don’t have much faith in the next presidential election, and I have zero faith in the upcoming election. But I’m planning to vote because I have that right, and Patriots fought for us to have that right. This is not the America that mom was hoping for when she came here. I’m not supposed to be here, but here I am, and all because of a twist of fate. I’m supposed to be in England. Even after all these years, I still feel like a stranger here. But I’m a Patriot, and I salute the flag.

My sister is as patriotic as I am, if not more, and she has been hard at work on her rustic she shed. This is the latest addition. She always amazes me when it comes to shopping for what she needs, and finds it at a bargain price.

The problem with this is the leftists and the Democrats made damn sure that he will never, ever, EVER, be president again by doing away with the 1776 Project that Trump started. What does that tell you?

Somehow, the AOC, aka the Diva of D’oh, Olive Oyl, and Occasional Cortex, being in default on her taxes doesn’t surprise me. Democrats and leftists all lie, cheat and steal. And somehow, she will find some underhanded way to get out of it. Anyone interested in putting a stripper pole in her apartment? Yea I know, nobody wants to see THAT!

All right, I’m going to share videos with you, which was shared me to me by my trusty Patriot friend. I’ll shaddup, and you can leave me a comment about them. Viewer discretion is advised for the second one. I needed my dragon figurine to keep me grounded whilst watching it.

As a treat, I decided to share one more image of what my sister has been up to. The R is for her first name, Renea. A way to remind visitors that this is her vision. Husband merely brought it to fruition.

That’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for the next blog post. Be safe, be strong, and let’s get through this sham of a dictatorship together. Have a good night.

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