Wanted: Brett Kavanaugh, and more Leftist Logic

Okay, we all know how unhinged the left can be. We have seen it first hand, and I have shown you how unhinged they can be. Now here is another example. These leftist lackeys of Satan HATE the Supreme Court Justices so much, that they put what amounts to a $250 bounty on their heads.


What REALLY bothers me is the woman with a coat hanger in the picture. That implies she and the rest of her leftist cohorts want to see them hanged! In a previous post, I said that they need to wear bullet proof vests. In addition to that, they all should be armed, have a security detail at all times, and travel in an armoured limo, or a APC. These leftists will not stop coming at them until they’re dead. You think the WH will do something about this? NOT A CHANCE!

Meanwhile, we have this leftist bone head for a Transportation Secretary indirectly siding with the leftist group who descended on the steakhouse where Kavanaugh was enjoying a meal. This Pete Buttigieg couldn’t tell the difference between a Boeing 737-700 and a 737-800. I’m glad I didn’t go see my daughter on the July 4th weekend because there were numerous flight cancellations and delays. Way to go, you miserable screwup!

Before I went to press, my Patriot friend was telling me about Elon pulling out of the Twitter deal, and I was wondering why. She shared some info that was not in the article I looked at. This involves leftist logic as usual.

Elon pulled out of the deal because the Twitter board was not so forthcoming about the amount of bot and spam accounts. It seems to imply that most of Twitter is controlled by bots. Once a pre-existing line is crossed that the bot was programmed to recognise, like posting the TRUTH, it will execute its preprogrammed action and either censure the poster, or terminate the account. There is no getting it back because you cannot reason with a bot.

Okay, now the Twitter board wants to take him to court to force him to honour the deal. What they failed to realise is that the judge will ask Elon why did he pull out, he will state his reasons, and the court will ask Chairman Bret Taylor if it is true. He will be under oath, so if he says no, that’s perjury. If he says yes, Elon wins, and Twitter would have wasted taxpayer money for something that could have been handled outside of court, and embarrassing themselves in the process when they had the chance to be honest.

Congratulations. You played yourself.

Ready for your brain to be pulled apart? This next one WAS trending on Twitter a few days ago.

Anne Frank had white privilege.

Did you hear car tyres screeching to a halt? Or Fred Flintstone skidding to a stop? No, you’re not crazy. The AOC is crazy! But that was my higher brain functions shutting down. I didn’t know how to react for a few seconds. Then I started laughing because the logic is so beyond DUMB! The stupid is real!! The marbles they have for brains do make a lot of noise when they think. Of course, that post was completely taken apart and destroyed. My Jewish friend would be the first to tell them that if she doesn’t have white privilege, then neither did Anne. But then again, one cannot reason with a demographic who have marbles for brains.

In other news, tomorrow I go to the surgery centre to have pictures taken of my eyes for surgery. I’m not happy about it since the place is far, and I have a limited window to get this done and get back home in time for the PM shift. I can’t reschedule because I’m afraid of getting hit with a $100 cancellation fee for all the times I had to change the surgery date. Wish me luck. Shouldn’t be a big deal…..I hope.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end and thanks for reading. You can leave a comment if you wish. I will have quite the busy day tomorrow. Have a good night.

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