The Dynamic Do-Nothings of Sussex

Hang down your head Meghan Markle

Hang down your head and cry

We don’t like you anymore

You need to say goodbye

Ever since Harry and Meg became a married couple, and I was against the marriage, I have always been curious as to what makes them tick. What makes them do what they do, and why do they act in such an atrocious manner. I listened to Matt Walsh talk about them, I listened to Candace Owens talk about them and I started to understand, but I was unable to reach the finish line. Then I got burned out listening to them talk about the Alphabet Club and all the bullshit with drag queen story hour, so I was looking for another podcast to listen to. I settled on Megyn Kelly since I always liked her, and she speaks her mind with no filter. I listened to three of her podcasts about H & M, and that’s when the moment(s) of clarity hit me. There are several different angles I can explore, but I’ll concentrate on the ones that jump out at me.

Meg has what I like to call the Lizzo Factor: She feels oppressed even though she was living in a two bedroom cottage in Nottingham with servants at her beck and call, and having royal titles; which should be stripped from them by King Charles, having prestige, millions of dollars in their bank accounts, blah, blah, blah, so on and so fourth. It took a long time for me to realise that not everyone has a nervous system that is capable of empathy. I see her more as a energy vampyr rather than a human being.

We know that Meg plays the victim for attention, and When we give it to her, we are giving her energy, and that makes her feel good. The more people that sympathize with her, the more energy she gets. So what can you do? Ignore her. Don’t reward her bad behaviour.

She does not have kind words for England as a whole. She considers the country to be racist when in reality, the majority of the people regardless of skin colour welcomed her. How DARE she say that the country is racist! There’s racism everywhere. From the polished floors of Harrods Limited to the grimy streets of backwater Leeds. That does not mean the whole country is racist. If that was the case, then I would not show solidarity with the Union Jack. But she might as well be spitting on it! Trashing the whole country just because of racist comments she sees in the media about her. Well, they certainly can’t live in such a racist country. So they move to California, where communism and Marxism rules, hence the nickname Commie-fornia. There are parts of San Francisco that look like a third world country with the number of homeless people living in tents and scrounging through bins for food. It gives new meaning to the term Streets of San Francisco.

I asked a co-worker about narcissism since I did not understand it well. Her sister and mother are prime examples. Both of them are self centered, and no matter what situation they’re in, they always twist it around to make it all about them. It is interesting to note that Meg does the same thing. No one asks if I’m okay. Well, that’s because no one wants to talk to someone who is so self centered, talks trash about the royals, and now wants to see them go down in flames. When I was listening to her podcast, her incessant droning before she talked up her guest was all about something that she had done. Like she’s looking for accolades, a well done, high fives, and a big up yourself. She will not get it from me. I promise you that. I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed her interview with Mindy Kaling. It led me to watch her vehicle called The Mindy Project on DVD. Unfortunately, I did not finish all of the seasons because I found the husband of her character Mindy Lahiri to be loud, boring, annoying, and without honour. The same goes for the supporting characters. The interview with Mariah Carey was the last one I listened to before her podcast went on hiatus because Queen Elizabeth had passed on.

In their never ending quest for a payday since they have been cut off financially by the royals, they inked a $100 million dollar deal from Netflix for a seven part mockumentary which is, of course, all about them. Now they want to spread their poor me attitude like it is a sickness.

First of all, don’t believe anything you see. The house where the program was filmed does not belong to them. All that you see in the show is what they WANT you to see so you can feel sorry for them. Don’t fall for it and let them play you for a fool. This is what narcissists do.

I surmise that H & M are master manipulators. $50 million for a podcast and $100 million for a mockumentary. That’s ridiculous! I don’t think Matt Walsh and Candace Owens are getting that much money for their syndicated podcasts. But then again, I’m not privy to their financial affairs. I think Spotify should sue her to get their money back. And Netflix paying that much money to those woke goofballs is atrocious! I’ll give you two documentaries to watch: What is a Woman? produced by Matt, and The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, produced by Candace. Those shows are worth the money and time to watch. All you need is an open mind. But you must become a member of Daily Wire to watch.

One thing that makes a narcissist is the lack of empathy, but jealousy seems to be amplified. Meg is very jealous of Kate, whilst Harry is jealous of his brother William. Probably because they carry themselves with the right proper decorum that is to be expected of a Prince and Princess of Wales. They are like the anti H & M. I believe Harry has not come to terms with the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. Indeed, no one ever gets over the loss of a parent. You learn to live with the grief. I think the loss changed Harry into this insecure person. Then here comes Meg with her woke agenda, and now we have a couple of do nothings who are detached from reality. I always thought Harry was the henpecked husband and the receiver of energy who went along with whatever Meg wanted to do. She clearly wears the pants in her house. But regardless of how insecure Harry can be, I believe getting him away from Meg would be the first step in putting him on the road to wellness, and a possible reconciliation with the royals. As for her, well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

That’s all the time I have for today. If you like this post, please hit the like button. It helps me out and inspires me to keep posting in lieu of letting this dream die a horrid death. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I hope to post again before New Years. Have a wonderful day/night/evening.


One thought on “The Dynamic Do-Nothings of Sussex

  1. Narcissists manipulate and exaggerate the truth to suit their narrative. Those rats were giving an interview to Oprah when Prince Phillip was gravely ill and setting up a mockumentary with Netflix, making the Queen’s last days miserable. That’s surely unforgivable.


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