The Blame Game

Right now, Megyn Kelly is my favourite podcaster. I listen to her all morning and sometimes all afternoon. It reminds me of when I would listen to Howard Stern back in the day when his show dominated morning radio. Well, since this will be the final post for 2022, I wanted to ask you a question:

Should Conservatives be blamed for the state of the world today?

Election Day last month was a travesty for New York. We were counting on Congressman Lee Zeldin to beat our accursed and despotic incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul. But she won because whilst there was a huge turnout for Democrats because they painted Zeldin as a anti abortion extremist, the Republicans and Conservatives stayed home. Yes, NYC is blue, but the counties outside of the city are mostly red, with a few upstate exceptions, like Erie County. Most of his support was in the downstate regions. Had enough Conservatives and Republican voted, Zeldin would have won.

Marxism is on the rise and so is totalitarianism. There are schools that have made Critical Race Theory a part of their curriculum. Shoutout to the parents who show up at school board meetings in full force and let their opposition to CRT be known. Our government is in cahoots with Big Tech and the media, and all there of them censor us as every turn and will put us in jail if we speak out against the current narrative, while giving a pass to the Alphabet Club groomers. criminals, and the monsters that want to turn our children into Marxist revolutionaries. Sending millions of dollars to other countries to protect their borders whilst our southern border is as porous as tissue paper.

The Conservatives can do better. They need to stand up and speak out against the bullshit that is going on. The problem is they’re afraid of being labeled a racist or being against the trans community. Indeed, if you go against the narrative to their faces, the first thing they say is you’re a racist. Doesn’t anyone realise that is what happens when their argument has been rendered invalid? They can’t back up their absurd claims with concrete evidence, so they bluff their way out of it by making baseless accusations. Don’t be afraid of those creeps. You know you’re not a racist, and so do the people who support you. Stand up to them! Don’t give any value to their propaganda! When they see that they can’t shut you down, they will run away with their tails between their legs.

I have asked this next question at least twice before, but this time I will rephrase it.

Are WE, THE PEOPLE, content on letting these Democrats, Marxists and Communists destroy these United States with their backwards rhetoric? Or will be stand and FIGHT for freedom, truth, justice, and for our children?

Kari Lake is doing just that in Arizona. She is not just fighting for her constituents, she is fighting for this nation. I still believe there will be a KARI-zona when the smoke clears. Even though the judge ruled against her in the lawsuit. she’s not giving up. Hobbs and her Democratic partners in crime will not escape justice.

I’ve leave you to think about my question. That will do it for me on the last day/night of 2022. Have a safe and prosperous new year, and I’ll see you in 2023. Please don’t drink and drive. Responsibility matters. Have a great night/day/evening.


One thought on “The Blame Game

  1. NO Conservatives should not be solely blame for the state of the world today. To blame a whole group of people for everything is scapegoating. When society scapegoat a whole group of people does not end well. It is one step away from forcing people to live away from everyone else in society, which is one step away from “removing” those people.

    Conservatives need to have a backbone and step up to these Fascist-marxist.


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